It may seem like such a simple thing. It's just a collection of bookmarks really. So what gives?

Well, there are a couple things at play here that make a simple dashboard a powerful tool. It comes down in large part to organizing things. Organizing the tools that you use, the sites that you often go to, the things that you want to engage with your audience the most on.

Frames on a wall
What do you want to put on your dashboard? Farhan Azam / Unsplash

Having your most important links front and center allows you to work faster. To stress less when searching for things. But there's something hidden beneath the surface that makes it all worthwhile.

It's self-hosted. Your dashboard is on your server. You have full control of what gets displayed. You are not beholden to Microsoft, Google, Facebook, or Apple for how your dashboard appears, what goes on it, and who can see it.

You can point your dashboard at a URL like in the image above. You can see this dashboard live below. My favorite thing to do with this is to point my browser's start page to open up this dashboard every time.

Not an ad to be found. Not a bunch of links to sites that you don't care about it. 100% what you want to see, 0% what you don't. Organizational clarity of mind without distractions.

out of focus clarity
See what you want to see. Josh Calabrese / Unsplash

Your dashboard is a gateway to your world. Your dashboard is where you can see all the open-source apps that we deploy for you with our full Workmates membership. Apps that if they were not self-hosted would cost big bucks. Far more than the $15/mo Dojos membership!

Things like code-free databases (think spreadsheets on steroids), a blogging engine based on the wildly succeessful Ghost platform (you're looking at it right here!), even an automation engine that you can use to set various triggers and actions and save time in your day-to-day.

Mechanical Robot
Organize your digital life through automation. Possessed Photography / Unsplash

These apps can be YOUR apps. Open-source means that this technology is free to use, free to changes, free to do what you like with it. There are some caveats such as minimal documentation, next to no support, and things can change. But these are sacrifices that I was willing to make in building Workmates.

People use open-source apps for many reasons, but at the top of the list might be to save money. As a cash-strapped entrepreneur, there just isn't a lot of money to throw at SaaS subscriptions left and right. These cost savings usually come at a cost, however.

Time is money. Without proper documentation and very little support, it can be very time consuming learning how to deploy your own apps onto your own server. It can be endlessly frustrating and you run the risk of it just not working out.

an angry girl
Don't sweat the small stuff! We will help you simplify your digital life. Julien L / Unsplash

I've spent years learning these things and I want to help you save this time, money, and frustration by giving you a jumpstart Even with a $25/mo fee, the cost savings are real, the risks are minimal, and the rewards can be truly great.

It all starts with a dashboard. Sign up at below and you will see. We will customize your very own dashboard. We will deploy your very own apps. We will walk you through your own self-hosted wonderland and help you put together all the nuts and bolts that go into growing your online business.

It can be fun. It can be beautiful. And it can be profitable. The revolution is in your mind, get a dashboard!